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Who said that Croatia is all about summer? Other seasons are attractive as well. The local Tourist Office is constantly doing their best to promote Croatia as a place to go no matter the time of the year. And in case you are visiting the country after winter, you will certainly value our tips for spring vacation in Croatia. Let’s see what to keep in mind.

Enjoy the Inlands

When one says „Croatia“, people usually imagine centuries-old forts next to gorgeous beaches on Adriatic Sea. While that is not a mistake, there are plenty of other things to see in the country.  Spring is an ideal time to visit Croatia’s continental destinations and enjoy their unique offer of tourist content. You may want to explore the fields of Zagorje Region or have a lovely time next to rivers in Slavonia. And let’s not forget the mountainous part of Croatia that is called Lika. Home to many fascinating sites, the inlands are more than ready to provide a great stay in the country.

Srdjan Vrancic / CROPIX

Bike is Your Friend

With traffic still being light compared to summer season, spring can be a good time for a cycling visit. You can bring your own bicycle or just rent one from local companies that are available. If you intend to use bicycle as your default mean of transport, plan your routes ahead as well as possible accommodation. Since hospitality capacities are far from being fully completed, that shouldn’t be much of a problem. Know that cycling in natural parks and similar localities can be very limited or completely forbidden- which doesn’t mean there are no tracks available in their immediate vicinity.

Think of Spring Clothes

Sunny weather and longer periods of daylight may be misleading. The temperatures may still be relatively low, especially in higher grounds. If leaving for a prolonged time in the outdoors, don’t forget to take a spring jacket. Short-sleeve shirts and shorts alone could lead to you feeling cold in most cases. If having a trip to natural sites, it would be wise to wear more compact footwear as rain showers leave a lot of muddy spots on the ground. Sandals and flip-flops shouldn’t be your option in most cases.

Dolba Cottage Berislava Picek CROPIX

Stay a Few Days

When thinking about having a spring vacation in Croatia, people usually imagine a one-day trip to the country’s natural areas. However, why should one limit such gorgeous experiences on a single day? Literally every hamlet in Croatia has a place for guest staying, not to mention some truly fancy spots waiting to provide hospitality. Spend an entire weekend in a cottage surrounded by thick forests or sleep next to gentle sound of passing river. If nothing else, consider arriving with your own tent and settle in some of Croatia’s popular camping places.

Be Aware of Awaken Nature

Spring is the time when nature awakens. Fields are full of flowers, the grey tones retreat for new colors to arrive and life blooms in the most spectacular way possible. However, this also raises the number of occasions during which you can encounter animal life. Local fauna exits the winter habitats and is very active after long hibernation. Be on a lookout for insects that might sting or invade your unattended foods. If drinking a sweet juice or beer on the terrace, always check out that bees or wasps haven’t entered the glass without you noticing. You should also be careful while being in woods, vineyards and high grass. Accidently grasping or stepping on a snake may lead to a painful bite (especially if the snake in question is poskok viper).  Always carry at least some basic medical items, such as sprays or bandages. Remember to deal 112 in case of emergencies.

Zvonimir Barisin / CROPIX

Islands Wait for You

This might sound as a contradiction to our first tip, but don’t hesitate to visit Croatian Islands. They can also be a great spot for spring vacation in Croatia and provide you with some truly fantastic memories. These destinations are quite different from their summer editions, too. For example, Losinj is nicknamed Isle of Vitality because of its specific ecosystem that goes through amazing transformation in springtime. Colors and fragrances one can see during this season on Losinj are something that has to be enjoyed and experienced.  Other notable islands such as Korcula, Hvar, Vis and Kornati Archipelago also have their features that make them worthy of a visit.

Have a Food Trip

Spring is also a time of the year when certain plants are reaching their harvesting age. And if they are edible, you can count that Croatian cooks will serve them in excellence on your plate. One of the most popular ingredients of the kind is asparagus. The plant has a very delicious taste and distinctive texture. It can easily be served unsliced with eggs in an omelet-kind dish and leave a good impression to person consuming. It is one of spring’s symbols in Croatia and a sign that winter dishes will be vanishing from local tables in the next few weeks. Long story short, in addition to visiting places of natural beauty, one can also search for a fine dining spot and have a lovely vacation in Croatia.

Feature Photo: Zvonimir Barisin / CROPIX