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Visiting a Croatian restaurant sounds well enough, but having a meal in its immediate outdoors is even better idea. We bring you a list of seven unique restaurant terraces that will bring your dining experience to a completely new level.

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Restaurant 360⁰ (Dubrovnik)

The name of this restaurant fits it well. Situated in close vicinity of Dubrovnik ramparts, the terrace allows guests to observe the ancient city and Adriatic Sea with complete freedom in all directions. Needless to say, the experience is coupled with fantastic food offer.

Duje Klaric / Hanza Media

O’Zlata (Split)

What used to be a part of Roman Emperor Diocletian’s Palace, now is the scenery that welcomes guests of O’Zlata. One of the most atmospheric restaurant terraces in Croatia is a place of history, prime food and exquisite wine chart. Discover it on address Ulica Majstora Jurja 8 in Split.

Biljana Gaurina / Hanza Media

Pelegrini (Sibenik)

Pelegrini is not just one of the best restaurants in Europe, but the one with most unique outdoor surroundings as well. With a terrace that provides view to beautiful Cathedral of Saint James, it is a dining place in the very heart of Sibenik’s historical core.

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RougeMarin (Zagreb)

A large and spacious outdoor serving area, RougeMarin’s terrace is probably the favorite place to many Zagreb residents.  Whether you are having a business meeting or family gathering, RougeMarin is ready to fulfill all your expectations.

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Mala Hiza (Mackovec)

In the very center of Medimurje County, Mala Hiza greets its guests with authentic ambient and impressive meals. But don’t hesitate to leave its interior for charming outdoor terrace, a peaceful place that has intimate and comfortable atmosphere.

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Monte (Rovinj)

Awarded with Michelin Star and situated in one of the champions of Croatian tourism, Monte has a terrace that provides view of Rovinj Cathedral coupled with trees and stonewalls. Always sunny and welcoming, it is also one of Croatian Restaurant Terraces worthy of our list.


Zinfandel, (Zagreb)

Quite probably the best place to drink fancy cocktails in Croatian Capital, Oleander Terrace of Zinfandel restaurant (Esplanade Hotel) allows you to watch a part of Zrinjevac Park and Main Train Station. It is picturesque scenery and welcoming surrounding that many visitors of Croatia will appreciate.

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Featured Photo: Biljana Gaurina / Hanza Media