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Imagine your dream-house erected in less than an hour. This is exactly what Trex Living Systems, A Croatian firm that designs modular residences, is offering on the market. A fully equipped, no-hard paperwork solution for your residing needs, in form of a moveable house that is easy to construct and pleasure to live in.

Houses are designed as two modules featuring size of 6 x 2,5 meters. Together, they provide 30 square meters of interior, which is more than enough for comfortable residence. Trex Living System imagined its clients to enjoy living room that transforms in a sleeping chamber during night hours, kitchen, walk-in closet, working area and terrace. Full equipment is optional, but comes with all the fancy gadgets of modern home, such as microwave cooker and washing machinery.

“All our products are very energy efficient, so living expenses are minimal,” said Robert Tresk, CEO of TLS Company. “And because they are isolated by cellulose and having ventilated façade, the chance of mold forming is non-existent. “

Tresk also noted that houses can be upgraded to have up to 120 square meters of interior. The walls are also moveable, so residents can easily arrange the space according to their wishes. “Houses come in various combinations of color and material, and furniture is made from PVC or aluminum. So a wide range of modular capabilities can be used.” Interestingly enough, houses are ‘smart’, meaning they are operated through a software application that oversee temperature and light emission.

Trex Living System engineers were thinking of transport as well. The houses themselves are very strong in structure, and can be easily moved from one place to the other.  The price of fully-equipped basic prototype is 25 000 €, but any further investment costs less.

If you wish to learn more about this Croatian enterprise, visit their official website and consider using their services.

Photo: Trex Living System