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Small and modular homes are the next hot topic in residential design. Croatia follows the demand with its own line of products, one of which we feature today. It is called Mila Maslina, and is a product of Profi Line Zagreb Company, run by Vucic family. This modular house has 24 square meters in size, and is more than ready to become your new home-away-from-home.

Mila Maslina is very adaptable. It can be situated in all kinds of landscapes and environments, making it an excellent choice for any occasion. The house was made for people who like to be in touch with nature, as the interior is separated from the outdoor terrace with a glass wall. Instead of relying on outsourced designers, Vucic family made the entire concept on their own. After all, the whole residence is planned for a family, hence only the family can design it with perfection.

According to company representative, building a single Mila Maslina takes about 90 days. It is very quick construction period, and Profi Line already received a lot of orders. A slightly larger version, called “Amfora” is also available.

“Through team work and domestic wit, we plan to design unique and reliable products,” Mirela Siskic of Profi Line Company explained. “We want them to offer comfortable and functional features, and aim to become the leading brand for modular house construction in the region.”

Learn more about this novel Croatian enterprise on the company’s official website. Share your thoughts about this house in our comments section below.