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You won’t find it in any tourist guide, but meeting celebrities is one of the features of vacation in Croatia. A lot of famous people choose this Mediterranean country as their holiday spot, the latest being Sergio Ramos, a popular soccer player defending the Spanish colors on field.

Considered to be one of the most valuable players of Real Madrid, Ramos is a close friend to Luka Modric. Together they ventured the streets of Dubrovnik, the magnificent town in Croatia which served as filming point to mega-popular fantasy serial ‘Game of Thrones’.

Pleasant Evening of Stradun Street

But Sergio Ramos didn’t visit Dubrovnik alone. He was in constant company of his partner, reporter and TV-hostess Pilar Rubio. The couple was dining in one of Dubrovnik’s established restaurants, before having a lengthy walk through the city’s romantic streets.

Ramos has uploaded a few photos of Dubrovnik on his official Instagram profile, sharing them with ten million followers. Describing his stay as “a magical evening spent in the city from dreams”, the player didn’t hide his positive impressions of Croatia.

Dubrovnik Summer Games, 2014 (2)

Considering everything, we are sure that Sergio Ramos will continue to visit Dubrovnik, and that a wonderful friendship has been formed. If you have your own photos of Dubrovnik experiences, feel free to upload them to our Facebook Wall and earn a chance to become our media contributor of the day.


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