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There are many perils of modern world, one of the most issuing being identity theft. The criminals are capable of acquiring the victim’s data and use his financial assets over non-contact credit cards. Yet, thanks to the latest high-tech wallet that comes from Croatia, that threat is no longer a thing to reckon with. Called Baggizmo Wiseward, the wallet secures your cards and provides you with false-bill detection gadgets.

„First we made Baggizmo bag, that noted significant success and made a lot of money on its crowdfunding campaign,“ explains Ladislav Juric from Baggizmo brand. „The wallet was the next step. It comes with a variety of useful abilities.“

„Baggizmo Wiseward has a pocket that features so-called RFID protection system. It prevents criminals from remotely connecting with your cards and steal data or money from your accounts. Of course, there are pockets that don’t have this protection, enabling you to use wireless cards without issue. For example, if you wish to open garage doors or make a check-in to your office.“

„ The wallet can connect with your mobile using bluetooth technology. If Wiseward drops down on the ground, it will be reported to owner. The same happens if you distance yourself too much from the wallet. Finally, there is a small speaker that will sound the location of the wallet, if you can’t find it. The system works two-way, meaning you can find your mobile with a wallet.“

Another nice asset in this futuristic item is an UV lightbulb, enabling you to detect false bills, and an option to charge the wallet’s batteries via wireless adapters.

Learn more about this piece of Croatian wit on official website of Baggizmo.
Photos: Baggizmo