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Drinking coffee at Split’s promenade is one of the most relaxing, not to mention reflexive, experiences you can have in Croatia. It is not like being on a beach and enjoying the sun. It’s more like reading an exciting book. But instead of pages, you observe the people passing by, listening to seagulls as they fly over your head.

And as enjoyed my morning ritual, I overheard a pair of young boys from the table next to mine. They talked about Emperor Diocletian’s supposed hidden treasure, located somewhere in the vicinity of Libovac prospect.

The topic intrigued me, so I went to research it a little bit more. After a few days of intensive Google search, and traditional visit to a local bookstore, I discovered that Libovac was supposedly a region in which the famed Emperor was born, and where he lived his youth.

Much later, after he constructed his renowned palace, Diocletian made a secret chamber in which he stashed his golden reserves. The unknown subterranean vault was then enchanted, and even today, people can’t find it.

However, every now and then, people draw closer to the fabled treasure. Then, an old lady appears from the ground, chasing people away. Other versions mentioned a large fire, snake, or devil in the same role.

However, there is a strange background to the story. The aforementioned legend is quite alive in Dalmatian region. Not that people actually believe in it, but mentions of an old lady have been reported as late as 1915.

If your greed wants to disturb Diocletian fortunes, enjoy your talks with blazing old ladies and horned devils. In my world, Diocletian had one great treasure that is available and open to all people of the world. It’s Split, of course. Check out what I mean in the photo gallery below:



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