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How about preparing something nice and classy for meal today? Brought to you by chef Moris Damiani of prestigious restaurant Badi in Istria, comes this Sea Bass Tartar on Rucola crème recipe. It will provide you with sensational tastes, and notably rise your reputation as a cook in selected company. Don’t be scared. Take that apron and get ready for prime cuisine!

What you will need

400 g sea bass fillet

4 spoons of olive oil

Flower of Salt (read here for more info or use regular salt instead)

Squeezed Lemon Juice

For Rucola Crème

1 clove of garlic

2 dcl olive oil

1 onion (middle size)

50 g rucola

Sea Bass Tartar on Rucola Crème Preparation

Spice the fish fillet according to your tastes. Leave in marinade of your choice.

On heated frying pan pour 1 dcl of olive oil. Throw some minced garlic as well. Once it passes the glass-like phase, remove from the pan to prevent over-burning. Replace the ingredient with minced onion instead.

Pour some veggie broth of your choice and continue cooking until the onion starts to fall apart. At one point, add rucola, fry for another minute, and give another sip of broth to keep ingredients safe from burns.

Such finely fired rucola should be mixed using a hand blender and spiced with salt, pepper and olive oil. Put the crème on the plate, with tartar on top. Slices of toasted bread are a good company, and don’t be afraid to open a bottle of champagne as well.

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