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Type of wine: Dry White

Kind: Sauvignon

Price: 60 HRK / 8 €

Alc. Volume: 13 %Souvignon Krauthaker 2013


The sauvignon becomes a very important kind in the spacious vineyards of Krauthaker family. It comes on third place in their offer, immediately after the renowned Grasevina and Pinot Sivi. And last year can really be described as a “Year of Sauvignon” for this Croatian winemaker. It has perfectly balanced acids and alcohols, as proven by its presentation in restaurant Tac, Zagreb.

The late-year maturation has underlined the fruity tones, especially the floral touch of elder. The wine harmony was achieved quickly, in the cellar, so the first bottles of Sauvignon Krauthaker 2013 came on market in the middle of 2014.

In pursuit of complete gastronomic harmony, Tac’s owner Tihomir Miletic suggested a delicate dish of tender taste, deep-fried zucchini flowers. And if you like the common folk food of continental Croatia, don’ be afraid to order a plate of cabbage with pasta together with a bottle of Sauvignon Krauthaker 2013.


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