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We bet the title prompted you to click the link and find whether sausage soup is real or just a bait to visit the site! Well, don’t worry. Nobody fooled you. Sausage soup is real. Although sausages are not the only ingredient of this soup, to be honest. It comes with fine vegetables and some rather tasty spices. If you need energy with great aroma, go to the marketplace and be prepared for some sausage cooking!

What you will need

3 larger potatoes

2 couples of cooking sausages

1 smaller kale

1 smaller leek

1 clove of garlic

250 ml cooking broth



One spoon of olive oil

Sausage Soup Preparation

Peel the potatoes and cut them on cube-like shapes (the size is left for you to choose). Remove the kale leafs, wash them thoroughly and cut them on little tracks. Bits are fine too. As for leek, clean it in water and also chop on tiny pieces. Mince the garlic and cut the sausages.

With ingredients all cleaned and ready, take a large cooking pot and insert some pork fat on its bottom. Melt it on slight flame, and sauté a combination of garlic and leek. After a while, pour some broth of your choice in the pot, together with the rest of the vegetables. Five minutes later, add the remaining broth, together with sausage chops.

Cook the ingredients on light flame until the veggies are all soft. Try the taste- if some extra spice is needed, add salt and pepper. Sausages should be spicy by themselves, but trying the meal as tasty as this deserves some extra precaution.

The sausage soup goes well with bread crotons, especially if they are fried or sprinkled with some olive oil. It also goes well with your camera! Snap a photo of your culinary achievement and share it with our online community.

Dobar tek!



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