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Only 25 kilometers away from Zagreb, Samobor is famous all over Croatia for its gastronomy, natural surroundings, medieval atmosphere, and for crystal cutting, a local industry with a very old tradition. The town is easily accessible by car or bus from the capital city, providing a much needed respite from the sometimes hectic urban life of its big neighbor to the east.


What to do and where to go when in Samobor? The local tourist board has all the answers, and all the tips necessary to take advantage of everything on offer.


Sightseeing tours

The scenic beauty of Samobor, made of lush nature and well-preserved architecture, is best enjoyed on foot. Walking around is an excellent way of getting to know the many churches, museums, art galleries and parks.


The Samobor Tourist Board website provides four carefully described options for walking tours, ranging from one to three hours long –the duration of each tour will depend, of course, on the number of stops for coffee and dessert, the souvenir shopping at different stores and ateliers, and the time spent at galleries and museums.



If a church’s architecture grabs the attention of visitors for too long, or a quick stroll on the promenade turns into a mini nap on the grass, then the walking tour can be picked up and completed the next day – in which case, the day trip from Zagreb can quickly turn into a full weekend stay.



After a long walk, it would be hard not to think about lunch, dinner, or just food in general, conjuring up mental images of dishes prepared with local ingredients and according to well-tested local practices. Samobor is renowned for its gastronomy – no research effort is necessary to find a first-class restaurant with a full menu of traditional edible pleasures.



Hiking and Mountaineering

Croatian food and wine are extremely good –this is by no means a novel discovery. Most tourists (even repeat visitors) find themselves eating a bit more than they thought they would – or should.


As a result, some start thinking they need to find ways to exercise. Samobor is ready to provide a more active and healthy brand of entertainment than the average resort: Hiking up and down the hills that surround this beautiful town, immersing the mind and body into nature.


And for those with a more professional urge to try and test their skills and physical strength, there are countless options for mountaineering, including two- or three-day trips with lodging in cabins perched on the side of the mountains.



If, after a few hours, it becomes obvious that more than one day will be necessary to enjoy Samobor, staying overnight should not be an issue. To address the needs of visitors who like to make decisions on the spot, the tourist board’s website has the right amount of information on hotels, bed and breakfasts, apartments and houses for rent, with photographs and contact details.



All of the above just goes to prove that Samobor can adapt to the needs and desires of visitors, almost as if the town was able to read their minds before a question arises or a request is made. Abstract as it may sound, the previous statement is perhaps the main reason why this charming town should not be missed – overlooking it, passing by without stopping, could turn out to be “the only mistake” of an otherwise flawless vacation.


Written by: Guillermo Astigarraga


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