Like Croatia Sinke

A lot of people dream about cruising Croatian Adriatic, but lack information what such nautical adventure looks like in reality. Of course, a lot of them lack a luxurious sailboat as well, but we won’t go in too much detail on that one.

A group of lucky seamen (and sea-women) made a trip between City of Dubrovnik and Island of Korcula. They decided to film the experience, and share their video on You Tube service. Now, everybody can see, in high definition, why more and more people are drawn to visit Croatian coast with their charming little boats.

But the truth is, you don’t have to own a luxurious vessel in order to have similar Adriatic vacation. Organized ferries and private sailing companies are always ready to provide an excursion to nearby islands, where you can find refreshment and enjoyment of Croatian Sea- just like people in the video above.


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