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Just one century after first photographic gadgets were introduced, these machines are among the most used ones in practice. Thanks to invention of smartphones, millions of photographs are made on daily basis, sent over internet in just a couple of thumb moves. However, most of them are just random selfies, without much artistic value. Real photographers know how difficult it is to make a photo, and these people have recently gathered in Croatia during Rovinj Photodays 2015 event.

This celebration of photographic art is of international character, and visitors were able to see some rather unique works. Attendees could visit interesting workshops and learn valuable lessons on taking the perfect picture. They were also welcomed on several lectures, given by industry experts and specialists in various fields of photography.

The event is also of competitive character, as internationally-formed jury decides which photographs will earn the Rovinj Photodays 2015 award. This year, Grand Prix went to Argentinean artist Rodrigo Ilescas, for his series of photographs called Are You There? Victories in other categories were achieved by Marina Caneve, Vera Hristovska, Jelena Jankovic, Marco Lachi, Sandra Pozun and Riccardo Muzzi.

Check out the vibes of these original even in Croatian region of Istria by observing our photo gallery below. Who knows, maybe one of these pictures will also win an award?


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