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When somebody enjoys his or her work to the fullest, results are bound to happen. The aforementioned is not some cheesy mantra from self-help literature, but a fact of life, perfectly visible in a small art atelier called Zivko, located in Istrian town of Rovinj. Vibrant and playful, it puts smile on faces of Rovinj visitors with its numerous colors and immersive charm. Its owner Andreja Zivko worked in a kindergarten before, and keeping her child spirit alive, she opened a small studio with help of her equally creative husband Hrvoje and fashion artist Lara Buric. Today, it is a place where one can buy not only works of art, but prime souvenirs which will always remind you of Croatian Rovinj.

Rovinj, 25.07.2012 - Galerija Atelje u Rovinju

Atelier Zivko offers numerous things of interest to its customers, including paintings, clothes and furniture items. Andreja’s initial love for fine arts turned into a profitable hand-made family industry. Her husband builds things such as mirrors, wooden boxes, lamps, small chairs for children and even clocks. These are later decorated by Andreja’s skilful arms and transformed into unique pieces of art. Lara, on the other hand, contributes with her wittingly designed bags. Zivko also offers small trinkets to its customers, such as rings and necklaces.

“I wish to trigger a positive reaction in people who come to my atelier,” says Andreja. “So far I was very successful, and that makes me very happy. One must be satisfied with such outcome. I was often angry on myself, having little time to process all the ideas that got on my mind. But after a while, you learn that everything in life is a process, and that fundamentally, everything will come into reality. The most important thing is to love your work.”

And that artistic work is really liked by Zivko Team, you can see in Rovinj’s Montalbano Street 21, where the atelier is located. Check out our photo gallery for a small preview of their merchandize:


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