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They are love couple of all love couples. Shakespeare’s tragic characters Romeo and Juilet have inspired thousands of lovers worldwide for romantic balcony chants, while other artists depicted their passion on film, painting canvas and music sheets. But before everything, Romeo and Juliet were a theater play and most people perceive it as such.

Ramparts and old villas of Dubrovnik provide perfect scenery for Shakespearian plays, as proven by leading names of Croatian theater scene. A couple of days ago, the renaissance palace of Skocibuha premiered as Verona, as actors clothed their costumes and once again told the story of bitter war between Capulet and Montague families, not to mention the love which came to being between their young members.

Leading roles were taken by Robert Budak and Kristina Stevovic, while the project was directed by Jagos Markovic. If in pursuit of legendary bard’s tale on your Croatian voyage, look no further than romantic Skocibuha Palace.

Check out what Romeo and Juliet look like under Dubrovnik roof in the photo gallery below:


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