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To Old Romans, days of the full moon were very important. Popularly called “Ides”, they were a vital part of Empire’s religious and social life. And as their powerful state was present on Croatian soil as well, modern Croats decided to show their guests what Roman life looked like in those ancient days.

Around 20 kilometers away from Knin, archeologists discovered remains of a large Roman military camp, which history remembers under name Burnum. It was so developed that it even had its own amphitheater- a perfect location for annual event describing old ways of Roman living. Thus, the festivity known as Burnum Ides was founded.

Ivosevci, 13.08.2014 - Odrzane 8. Burnumske ide u rimskom amfiteatru Burnum

Visitors of the Ides are entertained with unique cultural program. Gentle sounds of harp and skilful moves of fire jongleurs put smile on their faces, as they taste old delicacies such as spiced wine Conditum Paradox and army bread libum. In addition, attendees of this unique festivity are also able to have their hair done in Roman style and see old craftsman at work. Finally, they are also able to witness a live-acted fight of gladiators. In any case, it is a perfect festivity for all lovers of Antiquity period.

Check out what Burnum Ides looked like this year in our photo gallery below:


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