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Now, this is a combination you don’t find very often. But don’t be skeptical. Adding grapes to meat has been a long tradition in Mediterranean cooking, and people of these regions don’t take cuisine easily. Take our word: rolled turkey with grapes could become your next favorite dish. Here’s how you will prepare it.

What you will need

1 kg turkey breasts (without bones)

3 spoons olive oil

1 red onion

2 cloves of garlic

25 dag champignon mushrooms

40 dag spinach

3 spoons of bread crumbs

4 potatoes

1 red orange

1 apple

1 cup of grapes


Rolled Turkey With Grapes Preparation

Align the turkey breasts on a plastic kitchen foil, and cut them in the way that they are almost sliced in two halves. Broad these meat chops, and cover them with the foil from top. Hit them with kitchen hammer until they reach the thickness of approximately 4 centimeters.

In a large frying pan, heat up the olive oil. Add minced onion and wait until it softens. Once it becomes glass-like, add garlic combined with mushrooms and salt.

Mix these ingredients on a medium flame, until the edges become slightly caramelized. Insert blanched spinach and the remaining oil.

At this point, spice the dish with the usual salt and pepper combination. Continue thermal procession until all the juices turn to steam. Once this happens, remove the pan from fire, add crumbs and mix all the ingredients once more.

Remove the foil from the turkey breast chops and cover them with spinach and mushrooms. The edges should be clean. Roll the meat, pour some olive oil, and cover everything in a sheet of baking foil. Heat the oven to 180 °C and put the roll inside.

As the meat is being processed in the oven, add potatoes (chopped on quarters) and some apples. Once the potato is nicely done, remove everything from the oven. Leave idle for fifteen minutes, then slice the meat. Serve next to grapes and oranges.

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