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After decades of owning several restaurants on Croatian coast, Ante Roca initiated a much more complex and demanding project: a site which would combine his very own drymeat industry with prime konoba experience. A lot of people thought he was silly to even dream about such unique institution, but his pursuit ended with Roca Estate- a true fort of Croatian gastronomy.

“I had two goals in this project, and both were fulfilled” Roca explained to LC source. “The first one was to build a production facility for Croatian specialties such as prosciutto and home-made sausages. I also wanted to have a good dining space, where my guests would feel comfortable and welcome. The other goal was to keep Dalmatian tradition and culture strong in my works. Throughout Roca Estate, you will feel the regional vibe in architecture and exterior design. Of course, the food is also made with traditional approach.”

Roca Estate

Humble Beginnings

It all begun when Ante invested in olive groves and vineyards of Velim, a small town known to be the birthplace of Croatia’s first canonized saint, Nikola Tavelic. Soon, he opened a modern pig farm, and begun with his prosciutto industry. The business went so well that his Velim facility became a large concept, which included several buildings. Among them, the most impressive was a gigantic drying chamber, where more than 6000 prosciuttos could be stocked.

After a while, the idea of having a traditional Dalmatian restaurant, popularly known as konoba, came to existence. Roca Estate soon became what it is today, a huge villa of stone with dedication to region’s history. In addition to everything mentioned, Ante managed to form his very own private ethno-museum, and visitors can try local wine brands and olive oils of various kind.

Roca Estate 2

The Future of Roca Estate

However, the grandiose stone-paved villa of Velim will continue to develop. According to owner’s words, they have just finished the construction of a huge roasting facility, featuring over 10 pekas, several large skewers, gradela grills and other cooking equipment. The best part? Visitors can come to this building and see their food being prepared. It is a great way of meeting the local cuisine culture.

Ante’s products have already won a golden medal at International Prosciutto Competition in Istrian Tinjan. Is there anything more to grasp? We don’t know, but people like Ante always have something in their sleeve. Roca Estate is bound to become an even larger hit in the upcoming years.


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