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Croatian continental areas are known for many tasty delicacies, but Easter brings one of our favorites to the table. Roasted ham in bread- just pronouncing this aloud makes one hungry and ready to eat! Prepare this tasty, juicy specialty during upcoming Easter holidays, and prepare yourself for a meal which will be mentioned in weeks to come.

Cook the ham halfway to completion, additionally spicing it with onion, garlic and pepper. Leave the meat to cool off, decant it thoroughly and dry.

Mix the flour and salt in order to make a small pile. Form a hole on the top of the pile, and fill it with yeast, previously melted in lukewarm, sugared milk. Leave idle for ten minutes in order for dough to grow in size, and then fill the hole with melted butter. Occasionally make a sip of water. Finally, use ladle or your own hands to form dough. Leave for another thirty minutes.

Roll the dough in square-like shape of sufficient size to wrap it around the ham. Leave for another twenty minutes, allowing dough to gain size again. While waiting, heat the oven at maximum temperature, together with the vessel in which you will roast bread.

Insert the ham in the vessel, cover and roast on maximum heat for 50 minutes. After that, remove the vessel and sprinkle the ham with some water. Lower the heat to 200 °C and continue roasting, this time with no cover. Do so for another15 minutes, sprinkling with water every now and then.

Once the roasted ham in bread is finished, leave it for another fifteen minutes to cool down. Then, remove it from the vessel and serve with some pisanica eggs. In addition of some onion and horseradish, you will literally go to Easter mode in full swing. Well, at least from the food angle.

Dobar Tek and Sretan Uskrs!

Enjoy the Meal and Have a Happy Easter!





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