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An interesting piece of movie history was revealed the other day, during the industry’s convention in Croatian Town of Klis. The mayor of the settlement explained that a certain old lady earned a considerable amount of money, just by renting hens to ‘Game of Thrones’ filming crew.

The renowned television series, known for its strong characters and fable-like sceneries, has largely been filmed in Croatia. The historically important Town of Klis was one of the locations where GoT crew was shooting the footage, thanks to its old fort which immediately triggers awe and imagination.

Fort of Klis

According to Mayor Vetma, some scenes required animals to be filmed, with chickens being the most demanded good. In order to acquire these, the producers approached an elderly local woman who had a large chicken farm in the vicinity. Despite her age, she also had a very developed business wit, and managed to deal a high price for her renting services (or should we call them ‘casting’ services)?

hens Jure Miskovic / Hanza Media

Renting hens to ‘Game of Thrones’ crew provided the lady with about 100 HRK/ 13 € per animal- for a day. And since lots of hens were needed, one can only imagine how much money she gained for her feathery movie stars. Of course, she is just one of the local people who benefited from the series being filmed in the region.

The tale was used as a funny example of how foreign filming productions encourage local businesses. Thanks to certain Croatian policies, the number of these is increasing, with Game of Thrones being the prime example. Most crews opt to make movies in the country’s coastal areas, yet mountainous regions are also getting a lot of attention, and can soon expect the arrival of filming set trucks.

Game of Thrones Film Set (8)

It is unknown which upcoming film projects will be scheduled in Croatia, but they are certainly plentiful. One can clearly say that hens are just the beginning.

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Now we know who would want to rent a chicken. #MysteryMenthemovie #MysteryMen


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