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A witty investor from Island of Krk has a unique idea. His plan is to offer rent-a-prosciutto service to locals, who could exhibit the delicacy in their restaurants and traditional inns.

Probably the most beloved appetizer in Croatia, prosciutto is often consumed even by people living in the continental parts of the country. The dried ham is cut on the thin slices, and usually served with various cheese kids and olives. It is one of the most recognizable dishes offered to visitors of Croatian coast.

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But in addition to its fine taste, prosciutto is also a pleasant sight. These large pieces of meat can often be seen exhibited in Croatian traditional diners called konobas, which can be found all across the coastline. They are commonly placed on specially designed holders, and sometimes even sliced slightly, in order to display the delicacy’s inner layers.

Yet, the whole prosciutto can be quite pricy thing to acquire, especially if it is used just as an exhibit. In order to counter this fact, an unnamed start-up initiator from Krk plans to rent the replicas of the delicacy.

Prosciutto hanging

According to Croatia’s national television HRT, the replicas would actually be made of wood and certain construction materials. Naturally, they would not be edible, but would have the smell of the real delicacies, as they would be smoked in the same facilities as the food.

Although the meat is not real, Rent-a-prosciutto might find a fruitful market in Croatia, knowing the number of diners which might use the service. Although one would certainly like real specialty on the plate, maybe even these replicas will invoke gastronomic curiosity and encourage people to try this tasty local meal.

Prosciutto Fair
Prosciutto and cheese

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