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“Are you sure nobody will tie it to us?“ Janko asked, as Mirko and Danijel were putting the barrels in the water.

“Of course we’re sure,” Mirko replied. “We are absolutely sure nobody will tie it to us.”

“Because if they do, we’ll be in trouble,” Janko  hesitated. “And my parents won’t buy me that Nintendo thing I was talking about the other day.”

“Shut up with Nintendo and give us the ropes.”

With much doubt in his actions, Janko handed them a large piece of rope. His eyes observed the isolated cove with caution, like it was a matter of moments before somebody would show up and dicover their plot.

It all started that morning. Three boys came to the beach they discovered last year, and which they loved very much. However, what they did not know was that their favorite gathering place had became private property, with a new owner renting parasols and beach chairs all over their former playground. Without paying much attention, they took one of the beach chairs and headed to the sea, only to be scolded by new owner, who demanded they pay for using his equipment. The boys made a run for it, feeling humiliated as only boys of that age can.

Naturally, such an unjust incident demanded a quick and powerful act of revenge. The kids in question were very imaginative, so instead of pulling a simple prank, they opted for the more complex and destructive plan of constructing, yes indeed, a fake man-eating shark.

“But there are no man-eating sharks in the Adriatic,” Jakov said with fear once Mirko suggested the idea.

“Probably not, but once they see a large fin, the tourists won’t check out the guide books for confirmation,” the other boy grinned. “Everyone will flee, and in one week’s time, the beach will be ours once again.”

One should never underestimate the power of young boy’s rage and the influence it has on their intellect. The desire to revenge humiliation increases a young boy’s cunning and diligence much more than even the most recent pedagogy techniques practiced in pricy schools worldwide. It is by no means a wonder that the fake shark the kids constructed was truly a masterpiece of engineering, not to mention its slick design and how stable it was in water.

Two large plastic barrels were filled halfway, making them light enough to float, yet heavy enough to do so only slightly above the surface. The boys connected them with a rope, and put a shark-fin-looking piece of plastic between them. From a distance, the barrels could not be seen and the fin seemed authentic enough to the horrified naked eye.

The ingenious plotters also found a way for their monster to reach the “occupied” beach, as they observed the sea currents in the local cove. It was enough to bring the artificial shark a few meters away from the shore, and the sea would guide the artificial terror to it’s destination. As the kids released the shark, they began to giggle in excitement, singing the theme from “Jaws.”

“I just hope nobody will tie back it to us,” Janko said one more time. “Because if I don’t get my Nintendo, I will freak out.”

The kids took a walk to the beach in question and observed it from a distance. Twenty minutes later, the shark came to its goal, and the first screams began. However, much to the children’s disappointment, those were screams of joy, not of utter terror like they wanted to make. Hundreds of photo cameras suddenly emerged, as visitors of the beach entered a collective frenzy. The photo of the gigantic monster which came to hunt humans on their own ground seemed like a perfect status on social networks, and one German even yelled to his wife to bring his fishing rod.

The boys’ plan had suffered from one big issue. They did not calculate the current’s direction after reaching the beach. Soon enough, their invention came too close to the shore, and people realized the horror of the Adriatic was actually a piece of plastic tied to two half-filled barrels.

The sad look on their faces was removed by a beach owner. Even without knowing what was precisely going on, he decided to earn some cash in the situation, and proclaimed the whole incident as a commercial for his outdoor beach party featuring DJ Shark. The DJ in question was actually himself, and the name was given right that moment, for the obvious reasons.

Once the excitement passed away, the beach returned to its routine. The boys were very sad — instead of scaring people away from their beach, they actually helped it to become even more occupied. However, they did not know that a local old man was observing their entire feat from the bushes, laughing at their plan with sympathy.

In order to help their cause (and to harm the beach owner he did not like) the old man reported the owner to local authorities, saying that he was polluting the sea with large amounts of plastic garbage. The inspectors soon arrived, and after being told that the shark in question was supposedly a commercial for a party, they fined the owner with a large amount of money.

Following their decision, rumors started to flow that the beach in question was polluted, so people were reluctant to visit it. The owner soon closed the beach, leaving it to kids and whoever wanted to enjoy the sunny view of perfectly-clean Croatian waves.

A few weeks after this happened; the boys found their shark left behind on the beach. They took it to local forest and left it on a large stump, as a monument to their own wits and talent for pulling pranks. So next time you see a fin flowing between Adriatic waves, check out whether some kids were playing on the beach before it went private. You never know, you might be a victim of intelligent master pranksters.


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