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Probably among the most popular snacks in Croatia and the countries surrounding it, krafna is a delicacy that bonds generations. It has a stable presence in bakeries and shows no signs of retreating in front of numerous exotic pastries that came as competition. But what if you wish to make a few in your home? Then you will probably need our krafna recipe.

Most common translation of krafna would be ‘donut’. But that is misleading, as there are several differences between the two.  In past, people would associate this food with winter months but thanks to its popularity now you can consume it even in the peak summer. Krafnas are closely bonded with local carnival celebrations that are usually being organized in February.

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What You Will Need

850 g flour

111 g yeast

7 dl milk

300 g butter

150 g sugar

8 egg yolks

4 eggs



Vanilla sugar

Lemon skin

Stuffing (apricot jam or something similar that you’d like)

Krafna Recipe

Use kitchen blender with spiral mixers to form dough from the ingredients. Let it rise a bit, helping it with a few hits of a ladle. Once it doubles in size, use rolling pin to straighten the dough. It should be about 1.5 centimeters thick.  Now, form small dough balls either by hand or with assistance of cookie cutter.  What follows is another session of dough rising. Cover krafnas with a kitchen cloth for best results.  The procedure should conclude in about 15 minutes.

Krafnas are to be put on a pan with oil heated to temperature of about 170°C. A good alternative is using a kitchen fryer. They should be fried for about a minute from each side, until they receive the golden-like color.  Use a confectioner injection to infuse every krafna with the stuffing of your liking, although we recommend an apricot jam.  The stuffing can be heated, as it will flow through injection more easily that way.

The last step is purely optional. Cover the delicacies with some sugar powder. It will considerably rise the calories, but also contribute to taste. It is up to you whether you will opt for this. But we all know what Croats would do.

Dobar tek!

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