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Here and there, times come when one needs to be classy. And making a delicious rice dish is a feat of a classy person. Make this red wine risotto, and people you invited for a meal will think you have noble roots. It is a delicacy which looks and tastes like a king’s lunch, yet it is not that complicated to make. Just follow our recipe below.

What You Will Need

1 liter of broth (your pick- both meat and vegetable options are fine)

1 spoon of butter

50 g thinly sliced pancetta

1 onion

2 cloves of garlic

400 g rice

3 dl dry red wine

2 spoons of freshly grated parmesan cheese

150 g champignons

30 dag mangold (cut on wide tracks)

1 teaspoon fresh thyme

1 teaspoon freshly minced parsley

Two dozens of hip seeds



Olive Oil

Red Wine Risotto Preparation

In the shallow frying pan, heat some oil and butter. As these ingredients melt, add some pancetta mixed with onion and garlic, and wait until the former softens. Insert rice, and after two minutes, pour the red wine. Stir gently. Once the liquid turns to steam or is soaked by rice, add the broth of your choice to the dish.

While the aforementioned ingredients are being thermally processed, use another pan to sauté the mushrooms, combined with thyme and mangold. When the vegetables soften, add parsley and remove from fire.

When rice is cooked to “al dente” state, mix in the parmesan cheese, add salt and pepper, fundamentally removing the dish from fire. Combine it with fried mushrooms and mangold, decorating the red wine risotto with hip seeds. In addition of providing the unique visual style to dish, they will also add a glimpse of refreshment to food’s taste.

A small tip: The fact that your meal has wine in itself doesn’t mean you shouldn’t serve some next to the plate.

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