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Planning a fish lunch today, but lacking a recipe? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Coupling tasty fishes with aromatic capers is a sure table combination that will send your guests into the world of Mediterranean tastes.  The quantities stated will suffice for approximately four persons. Here is how one should prepare roasted chubs.

Umberti / PXhere

What You Will Need

4 chub fishes

2 slices of white bread


Lemon juice

Garlic Clove

For The Sauce:

1 spoon of capers

Freshly squeezed lemon




Olive oil


Once the fishes are cleaned and scales removed, align them on the roasting pan over some cooking paper. Bread should be turned to crumbs and mix them with minced garlic and squeezed lemon juice. Add the parsley leaf, and spread the sauce across the fishes. Insert some fine olive oil and roast on 180 °C for twenty minutes.

It is advisable that you leave some sauce aside, so that people can pour it over the dish during dining. The roasted chubs in caper sauce will surely become your favorite seafood dish.

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Photo: Dana Tentis / Pxhere