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Time for summer drinks! And yes, that means cocktails. The fancy, colorful drinks are season’s most popular order, but why to spend precious vacation funds when you can make one home? Here is our suggestion, which includes refreshing watermelon and fine mint. Who knows, maybe you have a secret cocktail master talent. Just a warning though, this recipe will take whole week to finish.

What you will need:

4 glasses of water

Pinch of salt

120 g honey

750 g watermelon

120 g mint

125 ml apple cider

1 cucumber

Ice cubes

What you will do:

Slice watermelon, mint and cucumber on small pieces. Heat water in a large bowl, and insert honey until it melts. Then remove from flame, and leave on room temperature until cooled.

Mix watermelon, mint and cucumber pieces and insert them in the bowl. Add apple cider and refrigerate for couple of hours. Leaving the mixture in the fridge over night is also a good idea.

Filtrate the juice and pour it in small jars. Now store them to fridge again, and leave for entire week.

Once those seven days are over, you may start consuming the cocktail. Whenever you want some summer refreshment, pour ¼ of glass with nectar, add ice and cold water, stir gently and serve with tropical decoration.

Dobar tek!


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