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In case you are not staying in hotel during your vacation in Croatia, and intend to keep finances in check, chances are you will want to cook on your own. If you have a fine kitchen in your accommodation and some culinary wit, that should not be a problem at all. Here is our suggestion for your summer lunch.

What you will need:

500 g potato

3 aubergines

2 zucchini

2 tomatoes

3 cloves of garlic

Olive oil

Minced basil leafs

Minced parsley leafs

What you will do:

The potato should be cooked raw, and only than pilled. Cut it on small chops.

After cutting aubergines, salt them a bit, and cover with kitchen clout. Press hard, so that they release all juice. Zucchini and tomatoes should also be cut, but no pressing is required. Mince garlic, and combine it with basil and parsley leafs.

Take roasting pan and oil its bottom. Arrange potato slices, spice with minced veggies, and pour a few drops of olive oil. Next, insert aubergines, and make another layer of spices. Repeat the same procedure for zucchini and tomato. Atop, make an additional layer of potatoes. Optionally, you can add some parmesan cheese or slices of mozzarella.

Heat the oven at 180°C and roast for 40 minutes.

Dobar tek!


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