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Italy is Croatia’s naval neighbor, and has greatly influenced the country’s culinary tradition. Before the world even knew about spaghetti, Croats have already adopted this pasta species, and extensively used it in everyday cooking. Here’s a way of preparing them with tasty chanterelles.

What you will need:

500 g spaghetti

200 ml cooking cream

100 ml sweet cream

300 g chanterelles

50 g butter

Parsley leafs

What you will do:

For starters, don’t wash the fungi. They won’t be of use if they get soaked with water. Use a brush to clean them, or chop the parts which are too dirty or damaged. Also, if the specimens you use are of larger size, feel free to halve them.

Melt the butter on a frying pan and insert the chanterelles. Process them to the point in which they release the scent. Add cooking creams (of both kind) and put some salt and pepper in.

Heat a pot of slightly salted water, and add a few drops of oil. When it starts boiling, insert spaghetti and cook them until they are “al dente”. Grate the pasta, and combine with fungi, putting a small size of parsley leafs on top (minced are preferable).

Bonus tip: If you want some meat in this dish, go for some chopped chicken breasts.

Dobar tek!



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