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What kind of a Croatian web would we be, if we don’t share at least one recipe featuring shrimps? Swimming and sunbathing are not the only offerings of the Adriatic coast. Here’s something for your taste buds as well.

What you will need:

400 g of shrimps

500 g spinach

4 potatoes

8 cherry tomatoes

Some basil

A parsley leaf

1 slice of garlic

A sprig of rosemary

Wine vinegar

Olive oil

What you will do:

Clean the shrimps. Peel the potato and cut in on medium-sized slices. Cook it in hot, salted water for ten minutes. Beware, it shouldn’t get too soft. Wash the spinach and decant it. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half.

On a frying pan, heat some olive oil. Put the shrimps inside, and fry until they receive a healthy golden color. Add garlic and rosemary. We also advise that you insert some pepper as well.

In a separate bowl, mix potato, spinach and tomato halves. Add a parsley leaf, previously minced, together with some basil. Spice everything up with vinegar and olive oil. Gently mix with hands, and add shrimps. There it is, a perfect salad for vegetarians and seafood lovers alike.

One more tip: instead of shrimps, you can use filleted fish. Just do yourself a favor and buy it fresh on a market. You really don’t want to enjoy the salad with frozen, boxed ingredients.

Dobar tek!


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