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Once you see the healthy orange color in a deep plate, you don’t need any special introduction to your meal. Fine pumpkin soup is only one reason to love the fall season, but it is probably the tastiest one. The recipe is quite simple, and the final result can be served in every occasion.

What you will need:

1 pumpkin (of course)

2 cloves of onion

100 ml cooking cream

50 ml broth (of your choice)

200 ml water

50 g butter

Hot pepper

What you will do:

Remove the seed from the pumpkin, peel it, and slice on stick-like pieces (thickness reference: your pointing finger). Mix them with onion and add to the broth. After a minute of strong stirring, fry in a covered bowl for five minutes on low flame. As the food is thermally processed, add water every now and then. Once the pumpkin softens, remove from fire and use kitchen blender to chop it even more. Add cooking cream and spice according to your tastes. Before serving, insert some seed or pumpkin oil in the plate.

Dobar tek!


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