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What is your excuse for not eating plums? Healthy and tasty on their own, they also serve as a great ingredient for cooking. Especially now, during their peak season, they simply need to find a way to your dining plate. Here’s one tasty version of plum delight.

What you will need

1 kg of veal, chopped

2 smaller onions, minced

2 carrots cut on circular pieces

3 cloves of garlic, crushed

2 celery plants, chopped

1 spoon of flour

2 spoons of tomato concentrate

1 spoon of sugar

1 twig of thyme

4 dlc beef broth

2 dcl red wine

6 plums

2 spoons of black olives

½ lemon, juice and peel

2 spoons of finely minced parsley

What you will do:

Fry the veal on olive oil, medium flame. Do so until the meat receives a brown crust on all sides. Once done, remove from flame and put aside.

On the same oil, fry onion and leek until they both turn soft. Add carrot, celery, tomato juice and garlic. Stir for a minute or two, and return the meat into the pan. Pour some more tomato juice, sugar, lemon juice and wine of your choice.

After a while, insert beef broth and thyme. At this point, the meat should be completely covered in liquid. If this is not the case, add some water, together with salt and pepper.

Cover the food, and insert in pre-heated oven for two hours at 150 °C. After 90 minutes of roasting, insert plums and black olives. Before serving, drop a few finger-catches of minced parsley leafs and lemon skin.

Dobar tek!


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