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Do yourself a favor while being in Croatia. Buy yourself at least one bottle of olive oil. The golden home-made liquid will not only turn every dish you make into a prime delicacy, it will also improve your health in the variety of ways. Yet, rare are those who know that olive oil can go well with cakes and cookies. Here is one take on such delicacy.

What you will need:

For cake:

250 ml olive oil

3 eggs

5 egg yolks

100 g flour

2 teaspoons of cooking powder

100 g grits

200 g sugar

50 ml cognac

For frosting:

4 spoons of orange jam

3 spoons of toasted almond leafs

2 spoons of butter

5 spoons of sugar

2 spoons of lemon juice

3 spoons of milk

What you will do:

Mix the following ingredients in a single bowl: flour, grits, cooking powder and some salt. In another bowl, use hand blander on eggs, yolks and sugar. Do this until the compound receives lighter color. Add flour with grits, stirring as you go. Finally, insert olive oil mixed with the cognac of your choice.

Take a cake mould and cover in some cooking paper, previously oiled. Pour the compound into the mould, and insert in the pre-heated oven at 170°C. Process for 45 minutes, then cover with orange jam and almond leafs. Melt the butter in a separate pan, and put aside at this point.

Mix some sugar with warm milk. Once it melts completely, add butter and leave everything to cool off. Once it thickens, pour some lemon juice and cover the entire cake.

Dobar tek!


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