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As a good Dalmatian in heart, you have passionate love for olive oil. You are using it in every possible culinary combination. Some even experimented in adding it to ice cream, but usage in cakes and cookies is much more common. Here is one such recipe, leading to a fantastic dessert which won’t dissapoint even the most demanding mouth.

What you will need:

A cup of cornflour

A cup of soft wheat flour

A cup of yoghurt

2 mature pears

2 eggs (remove the yolks)

3-4 spoons of agava malt

A larger cup of olive oil

Vanilla Extract

100 g white chocolate

What you will do

Mix all the flour kinds you have in a single bowl. Sugar the eggwhites and beat them to a snow-like texture. Grate the pears.

Now it’s time to add oil, yoghurt, agava malt and yolks into the bowl. Use hand mixer, adding grated pears and vanilla extract.

Carefully insert eggwhite snow, and pour everything into a cooking mold of your choice. The standard used for pies will serve perfectly. Cook everything for 35 minutes, and then remove from oven. It is important for cake to cool down before you remove it from the mold.

Melt the chocolate on a steam cooker. Cover the entire cake with it, and put in fridge for glaze to thicken. Finally, right before serving, spill that golden nectar called olive oil atop the delicacy.

Dobar tek!


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