Like Croatia Sinke

The Croatian region of Slavonia is known for its spicy dried meat, especially the sausage known as kulen. The residents rarely use it as an ingredient of other dishes, as it has a strong and dominating aroma. However, certain people begun to break the rules, thus the following recipe came to existence. Here is how to prepare Kulen Risotto.

What you will need

500 g chicken
200 g kulen sausage
Some olive oil
A portion of red peppers
4 cloves of garlic
1,5 dl white wine
250 ml chicken broth
1 bowl of cooked beans
200 g rice

Kulen Risotto Instructions:

Rub the chicken in salt, pepper, and some olive oil. Use the rest of the oil to fry minced garlic and onion. Insert the meat in the pan and fry it nicely. Add slices of kulen, leaving them in the pan for five minutes, switching sides.
Add rice and wait until it becomes glass-like. Then, insert wine and wait until it boils. Cool everything with chicken broth of room temperature. Mix the ingredients on medium flame, until the broth completely evaporates.
Now you only have to add cooked beans and peppers. Once the risotto is done, wait ten minutes before serving, and observe how kulen’s hotness brings smiles on your guest’s faces.

Note: In case of lacking kulen, use some other spicy dried sausage.