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With the arrival of September, summertime is definatelly on the leave. But it won’t happen before we try a few more recipes typical for the aforementioned season. Let’s return to citrus flavor with the following recipe.

What you will need:

400 g chicken breast fillet

2 lemons

Handpick of parsley


Olive oil

What you will do:

Remove the veins from chicken breast and cut the meat on smaller bits. Cover them in salt and garlic which you have previously minced. Cut lemon in halves, and wring its juice in a bowl. Add olive oil and gently mix to receive a tasty marinade. Insert meat in the bowl, cover it and leave on room temperature for 30 minutes. Occasionally mix the ingredients, so that their aromas sufficiently combine.

Pour some marinade on a frying pan and put on medium heat. Finally, insert meat and fry from all sides until it receives crispness of your liking. Once finished, serve it on a warm plate and add some more marinade. You can also squeeze a little bit more of those lemon halves you used before. Finally, decorate with minced parsley. This food goes well with pasta or rice, and you won’t mistake if you use turkey instead of chicken for its preparation.

Dobar tek!


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