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Is it possible for a meal to be both sweet and healthy? If you have access to some fresh ingredients, the answer is a very big yes. In case you own a fig tree in the garden, don’t miss the following recipe.

What you will need:

2 eggs

140 g sugar

125 g butter

1 bourbon vanilla sugar

200 g yoghurt

1 lemon skin

250 g flour

2 spoons of cooking powder


Mashed ginger

Several figs, quartered

What you will do:

Use hand mixer to scramble eggs with sugar. After a while, insert butter, vanilla sugar, grated lemon skin and yoghurt (go with the Greek if possible).

In another bowl, cover flour on the bottom. Insert salt, powder, ginger and cinnamon. Fundamentally, combine these dry ingredients with those from the first paragraph.

Prepare cooking mold (the one for bread will do nice) and cover it with baking paper. Put the dough inside, and insert figs on the top. You can add some more sugar at this point, otherwise, bake for 50 minutes on temperature of 180°C. Serve hot.

Dobar tek!


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