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And now, something really original and unique. A dessert which vanishes quickly, and makes the entire table grateful. Sweat, delicious and powerful in taste, it is a definition of delicacy, and the reason why people buy cookbooks with chocolate title. Prepare to meet our chocolate bits!

What you will need (for 25 bits):

20 g yellow raisins

20 g minced dry figs

1 dl Maraschino liqueur

200 g dark chocolate

80 g almonds, cut and fried

20 g sliced arancin grapes

What you will do:

Wash the raisins with warm water, decant and mix with dried figs. Cover everything with maraschino (if possible, use genuine Croatian liqueur- it is spelled “Maraskino”). Stir and leave overnight on room temperature.

Melt the chocolate on steam, and once it cools down and stiffs slightly, mix with the ingredients mentioned above.

Take cooking foil and cut in small pieces. Make small “bags” and insert the chocolate-covered pieces inside. Refrigerate until bits are formed, remove the foil, and serve on white surface to underline that beautiful dark color.

Chocolate bits will surely impress your guests. But you may prepare them for your own guilty pleasure as well. Feel free to upload a photo of your final result to our Facebook page.

Dobar tek!

Photo: Dobra Hrana Magazine