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Hello, fall! Welcome to our table. We will celebrate your arrival with a tasty chestnut soup. It is not very common to see this seasonal fruit in a deep plate, but that doesn’t mean the following recipe will lack its fans. Prepare those cooking pots, chestnuts are coming!

What you will need

500 g chestnuts

100 g chickpeas

1 onion

3 cloves of garlic

300 g mixed mushrooms

A small quantity of parsley and thyme

Olive oil

Cooking cream

What you will do

Remove the chestnut crusts and cook the meaty parts for 30 minutes. If you like more intense aromas, you can also fry them on a pan.

On another pan, heat olive oil and thermally process onion and garlic. Add mushrooms and wait until they soften. At this point, insert chicken peas and spice the dish according to your tastes. Leave for several minutes, stirring occasionally, in order to mix the aromas.

In a hand blender, process chestnuts and chicken peas, infusing them with a dosage of cooking cream and a few drops of olive oil. Continue blending until you receive a fine, crème-like compound. Cook it in a pot for several more minutes, and serve with spice plants, which can also serve as a decoration.

Dobar tek!