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Go Organic! Time to make your own marmalade, and show teeth to the upcoming low temperatures of winter season. The following dish is easy to make, delicious to taste, will provide your body with healthy substances and change the way you perceive carrots.

What you will need:

300 g carrot

500 g apples

100 ml water

2 lemons

300 ml sugar

100 g honey

What you will do:

Peel the apples, remove the seed, and slice on larger pieces. Remove the outer layer of carrots, and grate densely. Cook them in water until they soften, and then use kitchen blender for even a better chop.

Halve the lemon. Squeeze one half above the mixture from above, while the other is supposed to be peeled and cut on smaller pieces.

Combine all ingredients in a pot of sufficient size, mixing them with sugar and honey. Thermally process the mixture on slight fire, until it becomes jelly-like. Take the marmalade and insert it in small jars. They need to be previously heated to avoid bursting, and sterilized. Close them tightly to avoid exposure to unwanted compounds.

The marmalade is rich in healthy ingredients, and provides a good option for breakfast during cold days.

Dobar tek!


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