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Colder weather means you need to have more vitamins in your system. And if you take them in a warm meal, you don’t have to be afraid of season’s annual bites, cold and flu included. The following brew is one such meal, so print this recipe and hit for the marketplace this instant.

What you will need:

250 g young beans

250 g pasta

2 carrots

250 ml veggie broth

1 onion

1 clove of garlic

2 spoons of olive oil

Minced parsley leafs

What you will do:

Cut the onion on small bits. Clean the carrot and slice it on small cubes. Fry the onion on some olive oil until the minced parts becomes glass-like (but don’t overdo it, as they get ashy quite quick).

Mix beans, carrot cubes and pasta with some flour, and pour broth over the ingredients. Thermally process the meal on slight flame, with occasional mix every now and then. A lot of liquid might vanish due to steaming, so add some more broth if needed.

Once the beans turn soft, add salt, pepper and spices you usually like to have in your dish. Before serving, drop leafs of fresh parsley in the broth. They will serve both as a decoration and underline of the veggie taste.

Dobar tek!


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