Like Croatia Sinke

Some call it autumn, some call it fall. Croats call it jesen and to many of them, it is the favorite time of the year. Although colder and rainier than the previous seasons, it brings some great foods on the table, such as the following veggie-filled pork roll.

What you will need (for 4 persons):

4 thinly cut pork chops

100 g dried tomatoes

400 g leafs of spinach

100 g thinly cut bacon

100 g crème cheese

Olive oil

What you will do:

Cover the chops with the nylon foil, and give them a few smacks with the kitchen hammer. Then submerge the spinach leafs into the hot water, slightly salted, and leave for five minutes. Immediately after, insert them into the cold water. This will prevent them from losing the color. Dry leafs on a dry cloth.

On the widely spread chops, make a layer of crème cheese. Add dried tomatoes and spinach leafs. Roll the meat, and if needed, attach the edges with toothpicks or kitchen thread. Fry the rolls on olive oil, but don’t do that for too long. The oven will take care of the real thermal processing. Pre-heat it to 200°C.

Use a large roaster which can be capped. If you lack such equipment, use the normal one and cover the top with the aluminum foil. Just be sure that there are no holes, as the released steam from the roles should be infusing the meat.

Put some oil on the bottom of the roaster and insert the rolls. Wait for 30 minutes, and remove the cap (or foil) just before this period ends. This will add color to the dish.

Dobar tek!


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