Like Croatia Sinke

You don’t need spaceships and sci-fi gadgets to visit another world. All you need to do is gear up your scuba diving gear and vanish into the depths of Croatian Sea. Deep under waves of Adriatic, one can find unbelievable realms of color, sound and texture. It is a place of fascinating beauty and unique mystery, full of hospitable dwellers which might seem like aliens to us, although they share our wonderful planet as home.

The following photo gallery is authored by Croatian team who will participate in Portugal’s CMAS competition, an event tasked with proclaiming Europe’s best underwater photograph. Judging from “out-of-this world” results provided by Adriatic depths, the team has a lot to hope for.

Photo sessions were sponsored by Diving Centers Manta, Zuzic Krk, KPA Adri- Kraljevica, Diving Paradise Lastovo and Rovinj Sub. Keep their names in mind if you wish to witness the underwater kingdom with the fins on.

Check out Croatian team’s underwater gallery below:


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