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You have to love those tiny GoPro camera gadgets. They are easy to use and provide your footages with a lot of nice technical features. The following video could be named Cathal’s Visit to Croatia, as it is authored by Cathal Mac Donnacha, an Ireland traveler residing in beautiful town of Galway. Owning the tiny camera, he managed to record a lot of fascinating moments during his trip in Croatia last summer, and was willing to share them with you in the following clip:

Cathal’s Visit to Croatia was very special and exciting experience. Hopefully it will inspire you to enjoy Croatian shores in the upcoming summer months. Just pick up your destination or event you’d like to attend, and be prepared to have a fulfilling time in original Mediterranean setting. Oh, and while you are at it, be sure to check out our list of fine Croatian Restaurants, both in the country’s coastal and continental regions. Find the dinner to your liking, and reserve your table even before arriving to Croatia.

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