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Being a guide can be tiresome, as it requires fine social skills, plenty of knowledge and sense of organization. However, it can also be entertaining, as attendees might have silly questions to a tour guide. Here are a couple of them, asked to professional tourist workers in Croatia during their work.

Tea Cimas / Hanza Media

According to a certain tale, after founding Split and enjoying his grandiose palace, Emperor Diocletian decided to leave political affairs and turn to his favorite hobby: gardening. He was explicitly talented for harvesting cabbage. When his sympathizers offered him a chance to return to throne, he just laughed, claiming that one glance on his cabbage is sufficient reason for declining the lead. When this story was told to tour attendees in the cellars of Diocletian palace, one of them asked “Where’s the cabbage, then?”

Still in Dalmatia for this one: the road that leads towards Sibenik is surrounded with rocky terrain. While driving with a tour guide, one attendant wanted to know who has put all those boulders there. Another, somewhat eerie question came from a frustrated foreigner who thought that “Dalmatian cuisine” means cooking with dalmatian dogs.

T Zoric / Hanza Media

The Croatian Capital of Zagreb has a notable feature. Every day, precisely at noon, old Cannon of Gric fires a single shot from a highest floor of Lotrscak Fort. It commemorates the victory of locals against Ottoman invaders, and also served as a mean to adjust the clocks. However, some tourists expressed worriment that the fired cannon ball could hurt somebody. Of course, when they asked about it, the tour guide explained that the shot is blank.

The following one is more-or-less classical, its variation probably occurring to tour guides across the world. While exploring the outdoors of Croatian capital, one attendee wanted to know how many miles is to Croatia.

The legendary ramparts of Dubrovnik are one of Croatia’s most known symbols. Yet, every now and then, some tourists wonder whether they were built in the early 90s, during Yugoslav war. A variation of this idea comes in form of a question “why don’t you tear down these walls, now that war is over?”  About a year ago, one foreign visitor wanted to know where the walls are being packed in the winter period.

Zvonimir Barisin / Hanza Media

There are more silly questions to a tour guide! Plitivice Lakes are among the most gorgeous natural sites in Croatia. Their pristine waterfalls are annually visited by thousands of people, both local and foreign. Yet, some of them expressed fear that, if they arrive, the waterfalls might be turned off, so asked for their operating hours.

Finally, a tour guide in Makarska was asked how Croatian islands kept above the water. Witty in nature, he responded that a large rope was tied to their shores and connected with a mainland. This also kept islands from drifting away.

What silly questions do you have about Croatia? Feel free to ask them in our comments section below (for laughs, if for nothing else).

Feature Photo: Tonci Plazibat / Hanza Media