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Our reader B Bruce Yerkovich is a proud owner of Linden Tree Retreat Ranch, located on the slopes of Velebit Mountain. The spot is rather beautiful, and Yerkovich is an expert on ranch living in Croatia. In order to promote the pristine surroundings of grandiose site, he has sent us this lovely photo, reminiscent of Native American landscapes that we all remember from old movies.

Speaking of which, Croatian sceneries were often used to depict Wild West prairies in the seventh art. During the sixties, localities such as Paklenica, Krka, Vrlika and Channel of Zrmanja River were used by filming crews of Winnetou movie series. The films were based on the titular character, a brave Apache chief authored by German writer Karl May.

Also worth noticing is that parts of Velebit have been proclaimed National park of Croatia, and are under state protection. For tourists and locals alike, the mountain is among the most popular destinations for a visit. It is also in close proximity of Croatia’s coastal area, so it is always an option for a day trip if you wish to change the surroundings of your summer vacation.

If you wish to witness what ranch living on Velebit looks like, do consider visiting Yerkovich’s estate in Croatia.  And if you have your own photos of Croatia that you’d like to share with our online community, just upload them to our Facebook Wall, and earn a chance of becoming our media contributor of the day.


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