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Wine Info

Type: Dry

Species: Rajnski Rizling

Retail Price: 20 HRK / 2.65 €

Alcohol Volume: 12.6 %

Rajnski Rizling Ledic 2008

Rajnski Rizling Ledic 2008 Commentary

People in wine business will be quite skeptical when they see the pricing of Rajnski Rizling Ledic 2008. How can a six-year-old Rizling come under such an affordable price, literally a gift to western buying power? Is there a catch? Let’s be honest: there’s no catch. As a matter of fact, this wine is surprisingly refreshing piece of nectar. It has a fine balance of acids and sugar in trace, and an alcohol volume you can count on. It is a very drinkable wine, as one would expect from a rizling.

Culinary Companionship

In the bottle of Rajnski Rizling Ledic 2008, you will find a very accessible wine, the sort which can be served on daily basis next to your lunch. As such, it can accompany a lot of dishes. However, one can suggest deep-fried carp chops dipped in a dill sauce, with young beans salad as a support.


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