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Only 150 years ago, the town of Rabac has been a small fisherman town. Although charming and cozy, it always seemed to have a much bigger potential. Even in 1876, British traveller and writer Richard Francis Burton left positive feedback on Rabac’s unique pacing in Kvarner Bay and notable historical background. Today, century and a half later, Rabac is one of the most prominent tourist settlements in Croatia. Rabac is known for a high number of old villas, which are always a pleasure to see. The coast of this settlement features Adriatic Sea at its best. With clear water of fascinating blue color, and prime tourist infrastructure constructed onsite, it is not difficult to believe Rabac has been awarded with prestigious blue flag insignia since 2002.

Rabac and Labin, Pearls of Kvarner Bay

Slightly above Rabac, on the mountain overseeing its gently roofs, one can find the neighboring settlement of Labin. Mentioned under the name Albona as early as 285 AD, it is literally an administrative and cultural heart of the region. Despite its old age, it has art galleries of contemporary style and a unique Town Museum located in the small coal mine. Because of its elevation, Labin provides a beautiful sight of the surrounding Adriatic, including the shores of Cres Island which can be observed from the distance. As for history, one cannot ignore the unique beauty the main town doors, dating from 16th century, featuring Labin Coat of Arms and an old Austrian Cannon. The weapon had to be installed mainly because of the Turkish threat, as Croatia has been a site of conflict between Ottoman Empire and Christian Europe for several centuries.

Even on their own, Rabac and Labin are locations worthy of every traveler. But combined, they form a superb destination for enjoyment in nature, culture and relaxation. If you have visited Rabac and Labin, share a few photos with our Facebook Community to add more reasons for visiting these “Croatian twins”.


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