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There are reasons why Rab is nicknamed the Croatian Island of Love. Due to its lovely natural sights and localities of Shakespearian vibe, it easily triggers romantic feelings in both genders. As you venture along its shores, Rab tranquility- or more precise, the legendary crystal-clear tranquility of Adriatic Sea- will leave you awed and inspired for dinners next to candlelight. Being the favorite spot for honeymoon-goers and couples celebrating the anniversaries of their relationships, Rab never disappoints once romantic atmosphere is wanted.

The photo above, taken by our frequent reader Herbert Muller, is just a small glimpse of Rab tranquility. Yet even this small piece of Rab’s gorgeous shore provides a promise of vacation in unique beauty and wonderful vibe. The photo was taken at 7:00 a.m.

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Rab is also an island where numerous romantic inns and diners can add their power to your love interests. Discover them by using our Good Restaurants List, and find the one which suits your style best. Of course, you will need to stay somewhere on Rab, and finding a great room, apartment, house or even a villa is just a few clicks away- check out our private accommodation service.

Long story short, whatever you plan to do on Croatia’s love island, our site will help you to have the best possible stay. Don’t forget to tell us your impressions in the comments section below!


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