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Do you like pumpkin? And what about chestnuts? If the answer is yes on both questions, grab a pencil and note our recipe for pumpkin and chestnut combo! Ok, you can print it, too!

The combination of these fall fruits is awfully neglected in the kitchens worldwide. That’s a big shame, knowing they go well both in taste and texture. But you can correct this mistake. Go to the store, stock some pumpkin and chestnuts, and prepare for cooking.

What you will need:

1 smaller butternut pumpkin

200 g chestnuts

4 sticks of cinnamon

5 leafs of laurel

Full-grain salt

Rosehip syrup

Aceto balsamico crème

What you will do:

Peel the pumpkin and slice it on cube-like pieces. In a roasting pan, align some baking paper on its bottom, and put pumpkin chops on its top. If you have rosehip syrup available, now is the time to use it. Pour it over slices.

Chestnuts should be cracked open or cut with a knife. Don’t remove the crust at this point, rather heat a pan (without oil) and thermally process the chestnuts for a couple of minutes. At this point, remove the crusts and mix the golden-looking fruit with pumpkin cubes.

Now insert the cinnamon sticks and laurel leafs in the combo. Bake everything for half of an hour on temperature of 200°C. Once done, add salt, and serve hot.

Dobar tek!


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