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High in the mountain ground of Klis and Mosor, an old Croatian fort tells the story of nation’s heroic warriors. Only a few centuries ago, this fortified complex, Protector of Croatia, was just a few miles away from the border with Ottoman Empire, a powerful and hostile state which threatened the entire European continent. Klis was populated by Uskoks, a caste of warriors, whose vigilance and dedication stopped the Empire’s schemes many times during history. Because of this fact, Klis has rightfully been named The Shield of Croatia.

Today an important site for tourism and archeology, Klis is wonderful spot to visit and learn about Croatian history. Our reader Sensa Dichi has recently provided us with this lovely photo of the fort, made by C. Partyka, If you have similar photos of Croatian sites, feel free to upload them to our Facebook Wall and share the you had in the country with our online community. Especially if you have visited Klis, the protector of Croatia, and testimony of nation’s determination to be free and sovereign.


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